Notes & Sources: Landfall (Part V)

56. The Void

“…solitary, middle-aged man stepped up to his bedroom mirror, and spoke into his reflection….”: The “Hide from Emotion” video is still available on Youtube, under the shooter’s username MOSB46PGH; LA Fitness shooter’s online journal:; …he was lazy choosing his password — so much so that a stranger online could guess it, one year later… This shooter’s google history was posted to a Reddit thread ( (NOTE: Although never officially confirmed as far as I’m aware, it seems reasonably certain that this dump of the user’s search history is genuine, given the extremely short amount of time between the crime and when it was posted, and that the information included [such as ammo purchase dates and vendors] match what police later found); Sequence of shooter entering the gym: “George Sodini Sought Dating Help Before Pennsylvania Gym Shooting” ABC News 4/7/09 (; Quote from The Gun Source: “Same dealer armed three mass killers: Pa. gym gunman, Va. Tech shooter, Ill. student” Schapiro, Rich New York Daily News 8/7/09 (

57. Black Plastic

Wikipedia edits this chapter: contributions, User: “Kaynbred”; “The High Road” profile: ; Bloody Wednesday discussion on SCMRPG: web archive (

Orange High School shooter’s trial: STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA v. ALVARO RAFAEL CASTILLO No. COA10-814 FIFTEEN-B DISTRICT NORTH CAROLINA COURT OF APPEALS; Trial footage: WRAL Youtube channel (Note: The Sandy Hook shooter later states he watched the trial multiple times. He also comments about it on the forum.)

Redding Roadhouse boyfriend: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00030249; Divorce mediator: “Connecticut School Shooting Update: Divorce mediator says Nancy Lanza didn’t like to leave son Adam alone” CBS News “Crime Insider” 12/17/12 (; Nancy’s son signed up for one, last college course in the fall of 2009…: CSP Official Report lists a document seized from 36 Yogananda “Norwalk Community College registration for “A+ Computer Repair” course (08/24/09)” (Book 4, file 00183916); Glocktalk thread about adding RAM to PC:; about gaming mice; Combat arms user activity: ; Mg14c forum “enlistment”: ; Explanation of “pedobear” meme: “California police warn parents of pedophilia mascot” San Francisco Chronicle 9/14/10 (; User from I.P. address changes to “Smiggles”: Play History: Smiggles (STEAM_ID: 0:0:17907142)

58. Modern Sporting Rifle

Ruger SR 556: American Rifleman Sept 2009 (

Colin Goddard at gun show: Brady Campaign press release 11/18/09 “VA Tech Survivor Tracks Shady Gun Sellers With Hidden Camera” and Youtube video “Guns for Cash! No Background Check, no ID, AND IT’S ALL LEGAL!” (; Colin Goddard speaking in DC:

NSSF “Modern Sporting Rifle” campaign: Archived NSSF page (; NSSF Facts about MSRs:

Traders closed: “What Should Go Where The Old Traders Sports Was” 3/6/13 (; Traders not selling guns: “San Leandro’s Trader Sports no longer selling guns, for now” Brand William East Bay Times 8/17/16 ( and “Gun shop tries to keep U.S. from closing store” Bulwa, Demian SF Gate 5/25/06 (

The state had determined not to bring any charges against the chimp’s owner, Sandy…, other updates in Travis case: “Owner describes chimp’s terrifying rampage” Today 8/3/10 (; Responding officer’s account: “After Shooting Chimp, a Police Officer’s Descent” Wilson, Michael New York Times 2/24/10

FBI NICS location: FBI website (; Boxes of background check records: “Inside the Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns” Laska, Jeanne Marie GQ 8/30/16 (; Brady Bill text: 103rd Congress, HB 1025; FBI Multiple guns in one year project: Fox News 7/1/16 (

59. Catalog

New municipal center: “Town Dedicates Newtown Municipal Center At Fairfield Hills” Newtown Bee 11/24/09; Llodra sworn in: “Governor Swears In Llodra, Elected Officials In Brief Ceremony” 11/24/09; Llodra and security fence: Howard, Jan “The Newtown Arts Festival Will Open…” 8/17/2000

mG14C “pedobear” thread: ; Contents of USB drive: CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00194691 ; MG14C “wanted to be in the military” discussion: ; MG14C “staying alive” discussion: ; Stack of albums in closet: CSP Official Report scene photos set “Sec 5 – Back Up Scene 1” image 351 ; MG14C Hiroo Onada: ; Nancy tells Adam he won’t be a marine/army ranger: “Newtown shooter dreamed of being Marine” Brown, MariAn Gail CT Post 12/20/12 (; Fairfield Indoor Range scene: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00029167 ; NRA Certification: CSPS Official Report scene photos, set “Meehan – Suspects house evidence” image 9 ; CT Requiring NRA certification:

60. L534858

AR-15 history main source: Poyer, Joe The M16/AR15 Rifle – A Shooter’s and Collector’s Guide

History of U.S. infantry weapons, M16 adoption: United States Department of the Army “Report of the M16 Rifle Review Panel, 1 June 1963 (Declassified June 1988)”; M16s suitable for Vietnamese soldiers: “U.S. Combat Instructors Learn As They Teach in South Vietnam” New York Times 7/8/62

Bushmaster history: Maine Department of the Secretary of State business records, and “One of most versatile weapons on the planet made in Old Town, but good luck finding where” McCrea, Nick Bangor Daily News 2/17/12 ( and “Maine Vets” blog profile ( and MGI arms “History” page

Production and shipment of Lf534858 rifle: DONNA L. SOTO, ADMINISTRATRIX OF THE ESTATE OF VICTORIA L. SOTO et al. Plaintiffs, v. BUSHMASTER FIREARMS INTERNATIONAL, LLC, et al. Defendants (pg 17)

“Smiggles” posts on Columbine forum: No longer available online, I cataloged each of these posts in 2014-2015, and later compiled them for the website

“Harry Potter” note: FBI files released October 2017 (the shooter also mentioned Harry Potter or posted in topics related to Harry Potter on a few occasions); Note about ammo/budget from closet: CSP Official Report scene photos, set “Sec 5 – Back Up Scene 1” image 516; Firearms transaction records: CSP Official Report, book 4, file 00151485

NSSF survey: NSSF document “Harris Interactive QuickQuery / Fielding Period: March 16-18, 2010 /NSSF Weighted To The U.S. General Adult Population – Propensity” — pg 24

Nanping, China attack: “8 Kids Stabbed to Death at Chinese School” CBS News 3/23/10 (; Hanzhong attack: “Killer in China School Stabbing Knew His Victims” Wong, Edward New York Times 5/14/2010; Guangdong attack: “School knife attack suspect undergoing psychiatric check” China Daily 4/29/10; Jiangsu attack: “Attacker Stabs 28 Chinese Children” Wines, Michael New York Times 4/29/10 and “Kindergarten attacker sentenced to death” China Daily 5/17/10; CNN comment on China violence: ; Shangdong attack: “China school attacks leave 1 dead and 33 children burned or slashed” Demick, Barbara and Hilgers, Lauren Los Angeles Times 4/29/10 (; Shaanxi attack: “Nine killed in latest school stabbing” Huazhong, Wang and Lie, Ma and Hongyan, Lu China Daily 5/13/10 (

Wooster Mountain scene with Peter: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00006579

Cumbria shootings: “Operation Bridge: Peer Review into the Response of Cumbria Constabulary Following the Actions of Derick Bird on 2nd June 2010. Final Report March 2011 Armed Police Working Group”; Mick North on Cumbria: “‘Armed police would not stop Dunblane’ says father” Howarth, Angus The Scotsman 8/4/14

Norwich University fight: “The Reckoning” by Andrew Solomon

Private Messages from the shooter: These were shared with me by a forum user who wished to remain anonymous. I was able to independently confirm that the same user had interacted with “Smiggles” in public threads, but there is no way to verify the content of their interactions, much like any other witness statement in this story that is absent third-party verification. However, the information allegedly disclosed by the shooter in these communications has since proven consistent with evidence that was not publicly available at the time I received them (such as specifically moving to Seattle because of low UV radiation, as later quoted from an FBI witness in Chapter 76), and which was not part of any official record until the FBI released its files in October 2017. I will be honoring this person’s wishes in keeping them anonymous.

Novelization of Crawlspace in the closet: NOTE: the same is true of The Pit (aka “Teddy” in novel form – apparently a rare collector’s item by the time he obtained it, based on online merchant listings.)

61. The Patient

Primary source (for this chapter and all “Patient” scenes unless otherwise noted): State of Connecticut Department of Public Health — Investigative File in Response to Petition Number: 2012-241, RE: License No.: 029514 (released May 8 2014 to Sheila Matthews-Gallo of Westport, CT)

(Note: The evidence and testimony quoted from this document were part of a state investigation related to his medical license, as a result of which Fox agreed to surrender his medical license, without admitting wrongdoing. However, as noted in Epilogue, he was later charged criminally for the same actions depicted in the complaint, and eventually pled guilty. The exhibits are thus presumed to be genuine.)

62. Anarchy

Private Messages: See Chapter 60 note; “Cocoon” sunglasses: CSP “Vehicle Survey” report Report – Honda Civic license plate 872YEO; “They remember that he was angry and resentful about society’s structure…”: FBI files released October 2017; My Place quotes: PBS/Courant “Raising Adam Lanza”; Landscaper and Enfield rifle: “The children killed by school massacre madman Adam Lanza were 6 and 7 years old; all 20 were shot more than once” Rosario, Frank New York Post 12/15/12 (; Turkey coop scene: “Connecticut shooter would ‘just shut down’ in high school” Bengali, Shashank and Hennessy-Fiske, Molly and Murphy, Kim Los Angeles Times 12/16/12 (; NHS “Smoke Signals” reprint: Newtown Hawkeye, Nov 2010 issue (

“Pedophile guide” story (NOTE: although not directly referenced in the story, this article was the original topic in the thread about pedophilia): “There’s A Guide For Pedophiles On Amazon, Consumers Calling For Boycott” Saint, Nick Business Insider 11/10/10 (; Essay on pedophilia: described in Child Advocate Report and CSP official report; quoted version obtained from Columbine forum user; NOTE: the shooter’s (USB) hard drive also contained an article from a medical journal, regarding pedophiles: “Profile of Pedophilia: Definition, Characteristics of Offenders, Recidivism, Treatment Outcomes, and Forensic Issues” Ryan C.W. Hall, MD and Richard C.W. Hall, MD, PA

63. Of Rulers

Main source on Tucson shooting: case files United States of America v. Jared Lee Loughner, District of Arizona case 11-0035M; Conversation with wildlife officer: “Tucson shooting: Last hours before rampage show Loughner unraveling” Arizona Daily Star 3/28/13; Timing of going to see Giffords in 2007: “How Jared Loughner Changed: the View from His Schools” Thompson, Mark Time 1/11/11 (,8599,2041878-2,00.html) Bystander trying to shoot the shooter: “Records detail shooter’s agitation before Ariz. rampage” Wagner, Dennis USA Today 3/17/13 (; Shooter insisting his target died: Case 4:11-cr-00187-LABU document 460, US Dept of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons, Forensic Update 4/24/2012

Malloy sworn in: “Conn. Joins Nation In Mourning Arizona Shooting Victims” Wilson, Fran Hartford Guardian 1/10/11 ( and “Malloy sworn in as Conn. governor” High, Susan 1/6/11 (

“Daily Show” scene: 1/10/11 episode The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (transcript courtesy Comedy Central); Shooter’s connection with “Tea Party” inaccurate: “The bogus claim that a map of crosshairs by Sarah Palin’s PAC incited Rep. Gabby Giffords’s shooting” Ye Hee Lee, Michelle Washington Post 1/15/17

“The purge”: archived index pages show a pre-purge number of 49,441 posts, and afterward, 22,585 posts; “It wasn’t true…”: Such a physical abormality is not reported anywhere in the official report (which includes a medical examiner’s report), nor by the witnesses who saw the shooter’s body without authorization as depicted in Chapter 76.

John Zerzan comments on Tucson shooting: 1/11/11 broadcast of Anarchy Radio, available via Web Archive

Pistol range, sign-in sheets: CSP Official Report, book 7, file 00222826

Obama editorial after Tucson: “We must seek agreement on gun reforms” Arizona Daily Star 3/13/11 (

AMC employee’s interactions with the shooter: CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00190163 (Note: “Dave” is a sketch based on this witness interview. His job duties are imagined, based on the author’s experience.); Gunbroker feedback: user feedback profile “NJL1918”

64. In the Abyss

Norway scene primary Source: “NOU: Rapport fra 22. juli-kommisjonen — Preliminary English Version of Selected Chapters. Oslo, 13 August 2012”; Timing of events on Utoya: “Timeline: Anders Breivik” Al Jazeera (;

he had stopped updating the spreadsheet months ago…: The Courant story covering the spreadsheet’s release from the FOIA decision reads “The last entry on the spreadsheet was from June 2, 2010.”

McDonald’s San Ysidro attack: No. D004619 Court of Appeals of California, 7/9/87 Cristian Toscano Lopez, a Minor, etc., et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. McDonald’s Corporation, et al. (NOTE: The corporation’s defense team in this case made a thought-provoking comparison between the mass shooting, and a meteor striking the restaurant); “Society had their chance,” zoo story, waiting for callback: “James Huberty, the loner who killed 21 people at…” Barabak, Mark Z UPI 7/20/1984 (; other San Ysidro details: “Gunman is Termed a Hotheaded Loner” New York Times 7/20/84

Jackie from salon and Nancy: CSP Official Report, book 7, file 00091417

Itemized hard drive contents: CSP Official Report, book 4, file 00194691

65. Legacy

Note: omitted from this analysis of the earliest school attacks is the 1927 Bath Township bombing — because it was a bombing, not a shooting. I felt that bringing it up, only to dismiss it, was too distracting. Several other early school shootings were also omitted (such as the February 1984 attack on 49th Street Elementary School in Los Angeles) because they did not appear to be a result of, or trigger, a “wave.”

Hubbard Woods Elementary attack: “Mad Enough to Kill” People 6/88; Oakland Elementary School attack: James W. WILSON, Petitioner-Appellee, v. Jon E. OZMINT, Director, South Carolina Department of Corrections; Olean attack: “Teen sniper kills three, 11 wounded” Usiak, Richard The Bryan Times 12/31/74 and and “Sniper at high school kills 3 and wounds 11” and “Honor Student Held as Sniper” Ocala Star-Banner 12/31/74 and “Honor Student Charged With Sniper Shooting In New York” Madden, Timothy J Kingman Daily Miner 12/30/74; Brampton Centennial attack: “School killer ‘sought revenge'” Ocala Star-Banner 5/29/74; St. Pius X High School attack: “Two dead, six wounded: High school horror” The Citizen 10/28/75; Olean suicide notes: “He regretted his life” St. Petersburg Times 11/5/75 and “Young man found dead in jail cell” Eugene Register-Guard 11/2/75; CSU Fullerton attack: “Shootings recall CSUF ordeal 31 years ago” Orange County Register 5/20/06 (NOTE: This is a very unique story, in that it portrays a family member of a victim interviewing the shooter in prison, thirty years after the crime); Grover Cleveland Elementary School attack: “Parole denied in school shooting” USA Today 6/19/01 (; University of Austin attack: “Austin, Texas September 8, 1966 – PRESS CONFERENCE – Report to the Governor Medical Aspects Charles J Whitman Catastrophe”; Orcutt highway sniper: “Young Sniper on California Hill Kills 2 Motorists, Injures 12” Eugene Register-Guard – Apr 26, 1965 and California appeals court record “William Eugene REIDA et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. Robert H. LUND et al., Defendants and Respondents. Civ. 36520.”; Dr. Park Dietz on “Badlands” killers, institutions and society: “Park Dietz: The killing expert who knows too much” Spaulding, Willis The Hook 12/4/03 (

66. Savage

Main source: Child Advocate Report, pgs 96-103

Uncle Jimmy retirement, notes from Chief Briggs: “Nancy Lanza Remembered as Bubbly Caring Person” New Hampshire/Mass Eagle Tribune

DDR friend: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00109765

..asked if anyone knew of any ‘shooter’ movies that came out…: archived forum index pages show the shooter had also started a thread “Earliest movie with a trench-coated shooter?” that was probably focused on school shooters, but no copy of the thread was saved. He later alludes to it in his “earliest mass shooting” thread, when he says: “As far as I know, Thriller is still the earliest movie which portrays a trench-coated shooter,” referring to 1973’s Thriller: A Cruel Picture.

…slept in the basement…: Griffin, Alaine & Kovner, Josh “Raising Adam Lanza” Frontline/Courant

67. Emerald Dream

Main source: December 20, 2011 broadcast of Anarchy Radio

…what looked like a suitcase molded from black plastic…: CSP Official Report scene photos set “Sec 5 Back-up Scene 1” image 380

68. Fading

…“several references in the beginning to trench-coated loners with duffel bags…”: (NOTE: the dialogue in the episode actually references a duffel bag and “long black leather Matrix coat” as signs of being a “loner.”)

Wooster Mountain scene #2: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00256256

The Institute of Medicine gathered a group of doctors and scientists…: “The Contagion of Violence”: “Violence: Contagion, Group Marginalization, and Resilience or Protective Factors” Carl C. Bell, M.D. (; The “Werther Effect”: The Influence of Suggestion on Suicide: Substantive and Theoretical Implications of the Werther Effect- David P. Phillips / American Sociological Review Vol. 39, No. 3 (Jun., 1974), pp. 340-354 (NOTE: among the pieces of evidence seized from the shooter’s room, there was a copy of The Sorrows of Young Werther); CDC Guidelines to media on suicide: Reporting on Suicide: Recommendations for the Media — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institute of Mental Health / Office of the Surgeon General

GPS data: CSP official report, Book 3, file 00051670 (NOTE: the time zone setting the police used was set for UTC [Coordinated Universal Time] and thus the conclusions they drew are generally incorrect; the CSP supplemental report on the GPS unit gets this aspect right). …at the “T” intersection…”: the layout of the area is simplified, both for clarity and because there is another, functioning school at the real-life location now, and I don’t desire to write directions to it.

Dr. Fox surrenders license: “Lanza’s psychiatrist lost license to practice” Dixon, Ken and Duplantier, Wes Stamford Advocate 12/28/13 (

69. Aurora

Aurora attack series of events: “James Holmes: Read timeline of his actions before and after Aurora theater shooting” Asmar, Melanie Westword 1/10/13 (; Various evidence exhibits “Aurora Theater Shooting Trial: Documents” Denver Post 7/22/15 (; Detail about wishing people dead over social anxiety: “The Batman Killer – a prescription for murder?” Jofre, Shelley BBC News 7/26/17 (; College entrance essay:

Obama statement on Aurora attack: American Presidency Project “Remarks on the Shootings in Aurora, Colorado, From Fort Meyers, Florida” 7/20/12; Whether the AR-15 would have been banned: “Congressional Research Service: Gun Control Legislation (William J. Krouse 11/14/12)”; Texas rep on Aurora: “Rep Gohmert: Did no one else in Aurora theater have a gun?” ABC News 7/20/12 (; Persistence of Dickey Amendment: “Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze” Jamieson, Christine American Psychological Association (; Op-ed from Dickey and former opponent: “We won’t know the cause of gun violence until we look for it” Dickey, Jay and Rosenberg, Mark Washington Post 7/27/12

70. Calm

Main source: Child Advocate Report, pgs 98-104

GPS Data: CSP Official report, Book 3, file 00051670 (plus supplement, see prev note); “Unknown location” scene: FBI files, released October 2017; Videos posted by shooter to tumblr: profle “GFTK” on, accessed October 2017 (file names “Monologues” and “Fictional Monologues” and “Publicly Available”)

Nancy facebook messages with family member: “EXCLUSIVE: Revealed, the family secret that haunted the tragic mother of Sandy Hook shooter…” Wynne-Jones, Jonathan and Bates, Daniel Daily Mail 12/18/12

Llodra comment on Garner: “Garner Correctional in Newtown moves past opposition to acceptance” Pirro, John Danbury News-Times 2/2/10 (; Security system: “Expanded Prison Surveillance System Nearing Completion” Newtown Bee 12/22/06 and “Computer Failure Affects Prison Door-Control System” 4/21/06; Funding of mental health beds as “magnet”: “Prisons Grappling With More Mentally Ill Inmates” Chedekel, Lisa Connecticut Health I-Team 3/28/11 (

Fairfield Hills STEAP grant: “Gov. Malloy Announces STEAP Grants” Office of the Governor of CT, 12/30/2011; Former nurse on depressed youth at FFH: “Tales Of Fairfield Hills: Taking The Bad With The Good” Newtown Bee 10/19/12

Flagpole crash, gold ball: “Ball From Main Street Flagpole Still Missing” Newtown Bee 10/26/12 (

71. Vortex

Main source: “Tropical Cyclone Report Hurricane Sandy (AL182012) 22 – 29 October 2012 Eric S. Blake, Todd B. Kimberlain, Robert J. Berg, John P. Cangialosi and John L. Beven II” National Hurricane Center 2/12/13; Path of storm: “Hurricane Sandy FEMA After-Action Report July 1, 2013”; Sequence of events: “A Timeline of Hurricane Sandy’s Path of Destruction” National Geographic 11/2/12 (

Timeline of Red Alerts in Newtown, shelters, Country Club damage: “Town Will Be ‘Substantially Restored’ By Noon Today” 10/28/12 (; Lake Zoar docks: “State removes docks in advance of storm” Howard, Lee The Day 10/26/12 (; Details of town damage: “Storm Sandy Leaves Damage And Darkness In Its Wake” Newtown Bee 11/2/12 ( and “Woman Injured In Her Mobile Home” ( and “Fire Truck Crushed, No Injuries” (; Garner as priority in aftermath of storm: “Llodra Sharply Criticizes CL&P Storm Response” 11/9/12 (; …Pat Llodra said it was only “divine intervention” that had somehow kept the power on…: Clark, Kurt “Utility Committed To 99 Percent Power Restoration By Saturday Midnight” Newtown Bee11/04/2011

72. High Ground

Description of 36 Yogananda interior: CSP Official Report scene photos (sets “Sec 4” and “Sec 5”); Email exchange between Nancy and Peter: Child Advocate report, pg 97; Extended family perceptions of Nancy & relationship with shooter: CSP Official Report, FBI supplement; Nancy RV scenario: CSP Official Report, book 7, file 00002286; Nancy e-mails with friend, planning of vacation: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00003101

Uncle Jimmy saves runner: “Cruiser defibrillator credited with saving Danville man’s life” Schreiver, Jason New Hampshire Union Leader 12/13/12 (; Closure of Sanborn Seminary as high school: Ireland, Doug “Sanborn Seminary alumni remember the good old days” Eagle-Tribune 6/23/15 (

The End

Nancy text messages: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00111580; “Bloody, bloody” text message: (NOTE: It’s not actually clear to whom the “bloody bloody bloody” text was sent to. The message appears in the Child Advocate report, but not in the official CSP report. However the Child Advocate report presents it in the context of the “head bump” — so, apparently it is either omitted from the CSP report’s transcript of exchanges with the boyfriend, or Nancy told at least one other person about the head bump); If she didn’t stop in Kingston on the way, she would have had to have left Sandy Hook by about 7:30am…: (NOTE: Some news outlets would later report that Nancy left for her trip later that evening, but her hotel reservation was not until the following day, and her check-in was indeed logged on the 11th. It’s possible she left on the 10th and stayed with family or friends on the first night, but no witness claims so); Nancy’s billing activity at resort: CSP supplemental report, account of witness Stephen Hilliard, Managing Director, Omni Hotels

Shooter’s email to acquaintance: Child Advocate Report, pg 105; Nancy facebook messages: PBS/Courant “Raising Adam Lanza”; Nancy iphone notes: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00111580; Radiolab episode: “The Bad Show” Radiolab podcast, WNYC 1/10/12 (NOTE: The same episode also contained a segment on the Green River killer, exploring “why” he killed. But Nancy didn’t write any notes about it, if she heard it. Details on an earlier segment in the episode, about Stanley Milgram’s experiments with authority and punishment in the form of electric shocks, do appear in her notes.)

“CZ 83” check: CSP Official Report summary; Purse location, wine etc – CSP Official Report photo set “Sec 5 – Back-up Scene 1” images 153-161; Train Your Brain To Get Happy bookmarks: CSP Official Report photo set “Meehan – suspect’s house evidence” images 12-16; NOTE: the holiday card with the “CZ83” check in it was found in the downstairs office, inside a holiday card.

December 14, 2012

Shooter’s clothing: CSP Official Report supplement, “Shooter’s Clothing Processed”; Ballistics: CSP Official Report supplement, file “Scene processing report” (NOTE: the specific series of events that unfolded between the first and last shots fired at Sandy Hook are not laid out in any official report; the theory portrayed here was first put together by blogger “Sandy Hook Facts”, in the video series “The Deadliest Minute.” I went through the available evidence from start to finish, but did not find any significant fault with the Deadliest Minute scenario; the events portrayed in this chapter have only minor differences from that blogger’s work [for example, the handgun shots into the door frame of Conference Room 9 happen on a different pass through the hallway.]) In general, the sequence of shots and reloads can be mostly known based on ballistics data, the location of shell casings and magazines in the school, and the 9-1-1 recordings.

Locations of ammunition found, etc: CSP Official Report supplement, file REPORT GUIDE (CFS-12-00704597) and subheading “SCENE REPORT” ; Glock jammed: CSP Official Report evidence records describe the Glock with “One (1) round partially loaded” and the officer cataloging it noted “this pistol appeared to be jammed with a partially open ejection port”; Trajectory of final shot: CT Medical Examiner’s report, part of CSP report supplement, notes the cause of death as “Intraoral gunshot wound with extensive injury to skull and brain.” A first responder observed “an obvious injury to the right side and top front portion of the shooter’s head consistent with bullet holes.