Notes & Sources: Still Waters (Part VI)

73. After

First Responder accounts: CSP Official Report, Book 6, file 00026724 and 00073537 and 00002060; Tactical entry to SHES: CSP Official Report, unlabeled accounts of Newtown Patrol Police Sergeant David Kullgren; Transmission records, general timeline: Connecticut State Police-Western District Major Crime Squad transcript of transmissions (supplement to CSP Report); Injury in Room 9: CSP Official Report, Book 5, file 00039326 (Kehoe in entry-team: timeline entry at 9:49:50 “The team of Newtown (Chief Kehoe, Sgt Kullgren, Officer McGowan, and Officer Seabrook) Officers prone out Thorne and the phone call becomes disconnected. Thorne is handcuffed by Officer McGowan.”)

74. Darkness

Main source for tactical entry to 36 Yogananda, general timeline: CSP Official Report file 00168314 (NOTE: The series of events constituting this scene are inferred from heavily-redacted files; the October 2017 FBI files confirm that a bomb-defusing robot was used to search the house before police entered the home, and the report roughly outlines the timing of each floor being cleared, and the waves of different units entering the home. However, it is not possible to know the exact series of events. What’s presented here is a best-attempt at showing the evidence, as it would have been found by these teams, based on the CSP report and scene photos.)

Location of Nancy’s phone: CSP Official Report scene photos set “Sec 5 Back-up Scene 1” image 116; “Morning QT :)” (NOTE: The emoticon in this text displays in the official police file as an “L”. This is due to CSP computers converting “:-)” into an emoticon, which in the typeface Wingdings is an upper-case “L”); Damaged door: “Sec 5 – Back-up Scene 1” image 339; Wardrobe contents: images 355-357; Damage behind door: image 359; Arcade tokens: image 373; Frayed chair: image 542; Gun kit: CSP Official Report photo set “Sec 4 – Scene Search Day 3” images 21-30; Books in closet: images 80-86; Answering machine messages: CSP Official Report supplement file “Answering Machine Audio Recording Home Phone of 36 Yogananda St. Sandy Hook, CT”; Nancy pronouncement of death: Tactical entry timeline note “1414 Paramedic Dennis Posila of AMR going inside residence with escort to make pronouncement”; Amish Grace in desk, Newburgh shooting article: CSP Official Report scene photos set “Sec 5 Back-up Scene 1” images 339-342; “Kayntdlr” photo in basement: CSP Official Report scene photos set “Sec 4 – Images of Items Seized” images 5-7

75. Strangers

Timing of Dunkin Donuts purchase: FBI interview with Ryan Lanza, CSP report supplements; Ryan learns of attack at work: “How Ryan Lanza Reacted When TV Networks Incorrectly Named Him The Sandy Hook Shooter” Shontell, Alyson Business Insider 12/17/12

(; Facebook posts: “‘It was my brother. I think my mother is dead. Oh my God'” Warren, Lydia and Stebner, Beth Daily Mail 12/14/12 ( informed of news: “Reporter broke news to father of suspect” Gordon, Maggie Stamford Advocate 12/14/12 (

Obama statement: “Statement by the President on the School Shooting in Newtown, CT” (NOTE: Obama, apparently not yet aware of the exact details of the crime, actually said “men and women” teachers.)

New Jersey police records: CSP Report supplements, Hoboken PD files; Peter’s lawyer with change of pants: “The Reckoning” by Andrew Solomon; Peter’s public statement: “Connecticut School Shooting: Nancy Lanza had full authority over son Adam’s upbringing, according to divorce papers” CBS News 12/17/12 (

76. Specimen

State employee at morgue: Lender, Jon “State Fires Worker Who Showed Lanza’s Body To Her Husband At Morgue” Hartford Courant 4/26/13 (; Weight, height of shooter: CSP Final Report summary; Carver shares the shooter’s DNA with researchers: “DNA of Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza to Be Studied by Geneticists” Walshe, Shushannah ABC News 12/27/12 (; Conservatorship rumor: CSP Official report Book 8, file 00012291 (NOTE: The police checked for any records or hints of a conservatorship, or any records with a probate court related to the shooter or filed by his mother, and found nothing; see: CSP Official report, Book 8, file 00001409)

Lupica at Wooster Mountain range: “Shooting ranges wrongfully fear Obama will take away their guns” New York Daily News 12/16/12 (

Koenig interview with police: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00017458; Dr. Fox interview with police: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00260339; Dr. Fox in NZ: “Questions remain over psychiatrist” New Zealand Herald 1/8/14 (

Peter denies “kayntdlr” photo is either of his sons: “Sandy Hook report reveals Lanza children’s early exposure to guns” Sherwell, Philip The Telegraph 12/28/13 (; Three photos of deceased human: CSP official report, 36 Yogananda search, exhibit 608 (the photos themselves are redacted; one evidence photo shows them lying face-down)

FBI interview with user who knew “Smiggles”: FBI files from Sandy Hook investigation, released October 2017 (File 2, page 365)

Marvin Lafontaine quote: “NH man recalls Newtown killer, reflects on massacre report” Sexton, Adam WMUR9 11/26/13 (; Novia quote: “School adviser: Gunman a loner who felt no pain” Geller, Adam San Diego Union-Tribune 12/15/12 (http:///; Novia regretting speaking with media: CSP official report interview

Dietz journal article, “pseudocommandos”: Dietz PE. “Mass, serial and sensational homicides” Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine. 1986; 62(5):477-491

Shooter’s remains: “Newtown gunman Adam Lanza’s father claims body from funeral home” Williams, Matt The Guardian 12/31/12 (

Fairfield Hills vigil, “violence in his heart”: “More than 2,000 attend candlelight vigil in Newtown” Stoller, Gary and Stoller, Kristin USA Today 12/21/12 (; Dreamcatcher comes to Newtown: “From Columbine to Sandy Hook: Muskegon dream catcher reveals a tearful journey” Muskegon News Moore, Lynn 10/11/2013 (NOTE: Footage of the ceremony where the dreamcatcher was delivered to Newtown was once available on the Newtown local government website, as I viewed it in February or March of 2014; by the time I began writing this book, the footage was no longer online.)

77. Winter

Obama 12/16 speech at NHS:

House of Representatives quotes: Congressional Record, House of Representatives 12/17/12 “Condemning the horrific attacks in Newtown, Connecticut and expressing support and prayers for all those impacted by this tragedy”

“I wish to God she had had an M4 [rifle] in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire…”: It bears noting that if such a weapon were kept in her office, the principal would have had to leave the conference room to go to her office to get it, and thus would have encountered the gunman in exactly the same spot where she did, and so the M4 would have accomplished nothing. She would have had to bring the rifle along with her to every meeting.

Cerberus to sell Freedom Group: “In Unusual Move, Cerberus to Sell Gun Company” Lattman, Peter New York Times 12/18/12 (

NRA press conference at hotel: ; Footage of NRA protesters:

Agent Egelhof, “Cult of Columbine” op-ed: “What I learned at the Red Lake school shooting” Star Tribune 12/29/12 (; “Internet-addicted” quote: Enger, John “Feeling scars at Red Lake, 10 years later” MPR News 3/18/15 (;

Stephen King quotes: “Guns” January 2013 (, Kindle Single)

Obama Jan 16 speech: ; Obama 23 directives: “Here Are The 23 Executive Orders On Gun Safety Signed Today By The President” Ungar, Rick Forbes 1/16/13 (

The Firearms Owner’s Protection Act…: the 1986 act reads “No such rule or regulation prescribed after the date of the enactment of the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act may require that records required to be maintained under this chapter or any portion of the contents of such records, be recorded at or transferred to a facility owned, managed, or controlled by the United States or any State or any political subdivision thereof, nor that any system of registration of firearms, firearms owners, or firearms transactions or dispositions be established.”

Connecticut, Malloy announces Gun Violence Prevention Working Group: “Gov. Malloy Creates Sandy Hook Advisory Commission to Address Key Policy Areas in Violence Prevention” Office of the Governor CT (; NSSF letter to working group: National Shooting Sports Foundation letter to Gun Violence Prevention working group 1/28/13, Jake McGuigan; NSSF defends PLCAA after Sandy Hook: “NRA-backed federal limits on gun lawsuits frustrate victims, their attorneys” Washington Post 2/12/13; Michael Kehoe at Sandy Hook Advisory Commission: Official Commission Transcript, 3/1/13 9:30 AM Legislative Office Building Hartford, CT

Flagpole sphere restored: “A Golden Globe For The Flagpole” Crevier, Nancy K Newtown Bee 4/16/13 (

78. Homecoming

NOTE: There was already a small private ceremony for Nancy, sometime before the new year; this scene depicts the more public memorial. News reports say Nancy’s family delayed her ceremony out of respect for the victims at Sandy Hook, and their funerals, which came first.

Details on memorial service: “Family, friends hold memorial service for Nancy Lanza” Laurent, Suzanne Seacoast Online 6/2/2013 (; Comments at My Place during Obama speech: “In Newtown, Nancy Lanza a subject of sympathy for some, anger for others” Sullivan, Kevin Washington Post 12/19/12 (; Last class graduated…: The old seminary that functioned as Sanborn Regional High school since the 1970’s closed after a new school was built in 2006 (New Hampshire Union-Leader)

79. Fall

Riverview Gun Sales settlement with DOJ: “East Windsor Gun Store Owner Admits Multiple Federal Firearms Violations” ( Mick North was at Johns Hopkins on January 15, 2013: “Information for Media” Gun policy Summit Recommendations; Piers Morgan interviewed North on CNN, viewable on Youtube at: ; North visits Newtown: “Dunblane Massacre: How Grieving Father Mick North Worked To Change US Gun Laws After Sandy Hook ‘To No Avail'” Sommers, Jack Huffington Post UK 3/13/16 (

Washington Navy Yard shooting: “Report of the Investigation into the Fatal Shooting Incident at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16 2013 and Associated Security, Personnel and Contracting Policies and Practices — Nov 8 2013” Department of the Navy

Demolition of SHES: “No trace of Sandy Hook Elementary School will be left” Miller, Robery and Hutson, Nanci G. Danbury News-Times 10/29/13 (

Arapahoe shooting: Investigative report Arapahoe High School Case # CT13-44545

Stockton Anniversary scene: “Stockton shooting: 25 years later, city can’t forget its worst day” Emmons, Mark & Richman, Josh The Mercury News 1/16/14 (

Basement Tapes destroyed: “Columbine Killers’ Basement Tapes Destroyed” Prendergast, Alan Westword 2/2/15 (

Isla Vista shooter: “Isla Vista Investigative Summary Report by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department”; Tumblr CEO interviews Obama: ; Jim Brady passing: “Why was James Brady’s death ruled a homicide?” Los Angeles Times 8/8/14

Marysville-Pilchuck shooting: “MPHS Shooting CASE #WP14-000004”; Dreamcatcher passes from Newtown to Marysville: “Marysville students return amid grief, outpouring of support” Todd, Leah and Broom, Jack Seattle Times 11/3/14 (

Sandy Hook families sue Remington, et al: “Sandy Hook Families’ Suit Against Gun Maker Will Test Federal Law” Altimari, Dave Hartford Courant 12/15/14 (

Protests outside NSSF: “Newtown Action Alliance Planning Rally At NSSF Headquarters” Newtown Bee 1/15/16 (; Photos of the protests were published in a Newtown Bee gallery.

80. Light

History on how the house got to be slated for demolition: Newtown Board of Finance budget meeting, 1/21/15; Destruction of items from the house: “Connecticut News Bank Burned Lanza Items To Prevent Memorabilia Sales” Altimari, Dave Hartford Courant 12/14/14 (

Razing of 36 Yogananda: “Home Of Sandy Hook School Shooter Is Demolished” Associated Press 3/24/15 (a photo of 36 Yogananda in mid-demolition was published by; “nature might reclaim the land…“: “Lanza home’s rubble to be handled with care” Burgeson, John Danbury News-Times 1/30/15 (

Epilogue: New Horizon

Emmanuel Baptist church shooting: “Evidence in the ‘Emanuel 9’ Charleston Church mass killing released” Fox 5 News Baltimore 10/29/15 (

Lafayette theater shooting: “Theater gunman thanks man accused of S.C. black church shooting” CBS News 1/13/16 ( and “Lafayette shooter able to buy gun because he was never involuntarily committed” Brittain, Amy & Kovac Jr., Joe Washington Post 1/27/15 (

WDBJ attack:

Aurora lawsuit: “Family to Pay Price for Trying to Sue Ammo Dealers” Brock, Sam and Witte, Rachel and Burgess, David NBC Bay Area 7/30/15 (

Umpqua shooting: “‘Here I am, 26, with no friends, no job, no girlfriend’: Shooter’s manifesto offers clues to 2015 Oregon college rampage” Anderson, Rick Los Angeles Times 9/23/17 (

Planned Parenthood shooting: ( Cerberus decision to keep Freedom Group: “Cerberus investments is sticking to its guns” Banerjee, Devin and Carey, David Bloomberg News 12/18/15

Obama NYE 2016 moves on guns: “Here Are Obama’s New Executive Actions On Gun Control” Sola, Katie Forbes 1/6/16 (

Kalamazoo: and

Dunblane notes: “Dunblane 20 years on: Victim’s father slams Americans for ‘blinkered’ gun support in wake of similar tragedies” Clements, Chris Daily Record 3/12/16 (

Dr. Fox arrested: “Psychiatrist Who Treated Adam Lanza Charged With Sexually Assaulting Patient” Hartford Courant 4/22/16 (; Fired in NZ: “Psychiatrist sacked for failing to disclose complaint” Johnston, Martin NZ Herald 7/26/16 (

Post-Pulse shooting vote: “Senate rejects series of gun measures” LoBianco, Tom; Walsh, Deirdre; Klein, Betsy and Raju, Manu CNN 6/20/16 (

Munich shooting:

Townville shooting: “What Jesse Osborne told investigators the day of the Townville Elementary School shooting” Mayo, Nikie Greenville News 2/13/18 ( and “Inside an accused school shooter’s mind: A plot to kill ‘50 or 60. If I get lucky maybe 150.’” Cox, John Woodrow Washington Post 3/3/18 (; Dreamcatcher to Townville: “Townville Elementary healing a month after Jacob Hall’s death” Parrish, Frances Independent Mail 10/27/16 (

Sandy Hook lawsuit dismissed: “Sandy Hook Families Lose Fight as Remington Gun Suit Fails” Larson, Erik Bloomberg News 10/14/16 (; Appeal: “Sandy Hook victims’ families to argue case in Connecticut Supreme Court” Bellon, Tina Reuters 11/14/17 (

Weis market attack, PA:

San Francisco UPS attack:

Baseball attack on congress:

Bronx hospital shooting: and

Ivaneetka attack: (Note: sources are scarce in english)

Las Vegas attack: U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation: “KEY FINDINGS OF THE BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS UNIT’S LAS VEGAS REVIEW PANEL (LVRP)

Sutherland Springs: Inspector General U.S. Department of Defense – Report No. DODIG-2019-030 “Report of Investigation into the United States Air Force’s Failure to Submit Devin Kelley’s Criminal History Information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation” and

Rancho Tehama: and and and
And and

Aztec High School: and and

Two russian attackers in Jan 2018:
And (2nd attack) and; Internet watchdog bit:

Marshall County attack:; Gun:

Stoneman Douglas: Official Report “MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL PUBLIC SAFETY COMMISSION, Initial Report subitted to the Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate President January 2, 2019”, and; Father of victim: ; Dreamcatcher ceremony:

Youtube shooter April 2018:

Waffle House shooting:

Toronto van attack:

Santa Fe TX attack:

Capital Gazette shooting: and

Crimea shooting: (Note: Crimea being part of Russia is a matter of significant dispute, but one well outside the scope of this story.)

Tallahassee yoga studio shooting:

Sebring bank shooting: and–504874311.html; (NOTE: This incident bears several similarities to an attack on Rose-Mar College of Beauty in Mesa, Arizona in 1966.)

Thousand Oaks shooting: and

New Zealand terrorist attacks: and and

CT supreme court decision March 2019:

Poway shooter:

UNCC shooter: and

STEM shooters: and

Virginia beach attack: The City of Virginia Beach: An Independent Review of the Tragic Events of May 31, 2019 released 11/13/2019 by Hillard Heintze

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting

El Paso shooting:

Dayton shooting: “Police Review Dayton Mass Shooting Video Evidence, Frame By Frame” (NBC News) August 13, 2018

Midlands-Odessa attack:

Supreme court denies appeal request from Remington: