Notes & Sources: The Gathering Eye (Part IV)

38. The Prison

1990 Carl Robinson riot: STATE OF CONNECTICUT v. JULIO RIVERA Feb 2 1993; 1992 Enfield riot: “Police Seeking Ringleaders After Destructive Prison Riot” Puleo, Tom 11/25/1992 Hartford Courant; Drug deal leads to riot: “11 Charged In 1992 Enfield Prison Riot” 11/10/1993; The prisons that lost control all had something in common…: “State Paying Dearly For Cheap Prisons” Cullison, Alan Hartford Courant 7/29/1991; …Connecticut’s prison population had started growing in the late 1970’s…: DOC web page “Accomplishments in 1968-1993” ; …he highest rate of inmate injuries … and other details throughout: “Prison Chief Fights Public Anger” Johnson, Kirk The New York Times 11/8/1993; Naming of Garner, first to show movies: “Christmas Movies Delight Prisoners: Local Theater Manager and Two Actors at State Prison” Hartford Courant 12/26/1914

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TRANQUILITY: Billion dollar spending plan, other notes: “Prison Chief Fights Public Anger” New York Times 11/08/1993; “Get tough on crime…” : “Meachum Snubs Panel Looking Into Enfield Prison Riot” Hartford Courant Mahoney, Edmund 8/03/1994; Close custody program: “A Prison Blurs Colors of Gangs To Curb Violence Among Rivals” Judson, George New York Times 1/29/1996; …staff began monitoring all of their phone calls…: Jaffee vs. Redmond (1996); …a loud disturbance in Cell Block D…: Rodriguez v. Connecticut, 169 F. Supp. 2d 39 (D. Conn. 2001)

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39. Role Playing Game


Letter to news station, video: “Shooting Suspect Sent Video About Slaying, E-Mailed Columbine Principal” (; …the shooter’s father, under a sheet…”: “Investigator: Castillo tried to copycat Columbine” The News & Observer 8/5/2009; more Coverage from Chapel Hill News:; Littleton reactions: “N.C. shooting suspect wrote to Columbine” Schrader, Ann The Denver Post 8/31/2006

40. Daylight

Generally, IEP notes and developments during high school are from the Child Advocate Report, pgs 48-73

Latin Teacher: “Jennifer Huettner, And the Adam Lanza She Knew” Woog, Dan (;

…Newtown High School was a very crowded place…: “Board Of Ed Endured A Bumpy Ride During 2006” Newtown Bee 12/29/06 and “What Went Wrong?” Johnson, Ruby K 9/15/06

Accounts from regulars at My Place: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00258015; Nancy looking for “escape”, Ryan bussing tables at My Place: “Nancy Lanza had considered moving with her son to Wash. state, friend says” Maese, Rick & Hermann, Peter Washington Post 12/17/12; various “My Place” notes: “Adam Lanza: Withdrawn teen a mystery then and now” Leger, Donna & Alcindor, Yamiche USA Today 12/16/12; Peter setting up Yale evaluation: “The Reckoning” Andrew Solomon

41. Solstice

Security at SHES upgrade: Sandy Hook Facts (; Red Lake settlement: “Families settle lawsuit over Red Lake shootings” MPR News 7/20/06; Dawson College: “I got shot-I thought I was going to die” The Link, 4/13/10; Hostage: “James Santos’ story” The Concord 9/27/06

Platte Canyon: Colorado Bureau of Investigation Report, file 2006-002834 and: Park County Sheriff’s Office case report 2006001845; Jeffco role at Platte Canyon: Jefferson County Sheriff incident report 06-37993 10/5/06

Nickel Mines: Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, and David L. Weaver-Zercher; and, One Light Still Shines: My Life Beyond the Shadow of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting Monville, Marie & Lambert, Cindy (NOTE: The Nickel Mines shooter seemed to communicate a more clear motive to his wife, in a note he left behind; one of their own children had not lived long after being born, and he said he had always been angry at god for that.)

Reactions in Newtown: “School Shootings Prompt Local Vigilance” Newtown Bee 10/06/06; Bush conference on school violence: and “Park County Sheriff At National School Violence Conference” The Denver Channel 10/10/06 (

42. Prosthetic Environment

New Town Hall meeting: “Bridgeport Hall—Plan Revamps Former Hospital Building Into Municipal Suite” Newtown Bee 12/1/06 and: O&G Industries “Town of Newtown Proposed Municipal Office Building Project” & “Architectural Narrative” 10/06/2006

Dr. King: CSP Official report, Book 8, 00179815; “he had no understanding of the metaphors, and was quite disturbed by the fairy godmother scenario you gave him”: (NOTE: it’s not clear if Nancy was referring to the “three wishes” questions, or another line of questioning); Dr. Ridley testing: CSP Official Report, Book 8, file 00179889; “One day — in late 2006, he would later claim, to multiple witnesses”: NOTE: I base my belief that the shooter was visiting the Columbine forum as of 2006 on six factors: 1.) The shooter’s claim that “I think I found it through Google toward the end of 2006. I didn’t register for years because it seemed like the kind of website which would get you on a terrorist watch-list” in a later SCMRPG thread; 2.) After another user commented that they found the site around the same time, the Sandy Hook shooter asked “were they talking about [Dawson College shooter] at the time?,” as many users indeed were; 3.) His tendency to mention the Dawson College shooter very frequently after joining the board, way out of proportion to the other shooters he fixates upon, for no explained reason, as well as his later tumblr username that incorporated the Dawson shooter’s name; 4.) The shooter’s familiarity with Columbine forum users who had stopped posting well before “Smiggles” was registered; 5.) His demonstrated knowledge of many forum threads that fell to the bottom of the heap long before he registered, and that disappeared completely in the “purge” which occurred in early 2011, and 6.) His comment on Wikipedia (as later depicted in Chapter 68) “I’ve been researching this topic since 2006 and I started compiling a formal list at the beginning of 2010” which is part of a communication with a person who was entirely outside of the Columbine forum’s community.

Forum thread “FBI TRACKING LIST”: Web archive of URL ; Nancy comments about “hacking”: CSP Official Report, Book 7, files 00029051 and 00104343 (NOTE: One unsourced media story would claim in 2014 that the FBI really did come to 36 Yogananda after some sort of computer hacking was detected. I don’t consider the reporting credible, based on reports from the same source that have been disproven or similarly gone unsupported by later releases. Key is that the FBI files released in October 2017 make no mention of any visit to 36 Yogananda prior to 12/14/12.)

43. Contagion

McCarthy (nurse) speaking on CDC: 109th Congress, 2nd Session — Issue: Vol. 152, No. 46 — Daily Edition (video:; CDC report on injuries: ; CDC History: “Historical Perspectives” ; the unconventional location of the agency’s headquarters…: “From Humble Beginnings: The History of the CDC” Mahmood, Ahmed Premed Magazine 3/3/2015 and: MMWR Achievements in Public Health, 1900–1999 (Morbidity report July 1999); History of preventing violence: Surgeon General’s Workshop on Violence and Public Health Report Leesburg, Virginia October 27-29, 1985; Seatbelts as public health initiative: Injury Prevention Network ( ); 1989 Suicide Rates: Report of the Secretary’s Task Force on Youth Suicide. Volume 3: Prevention and Interventions in Youth Suicide. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES; New England Study: New England Journal of Medicine: Gun Ownership as a Risk Factor for Homicide in the Home 10/7/93; ; Other notes: “Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze” American Psychological Association (; The NRA criticized the “New England study” the day it came out…: (

The “Dickey Amendment”: PUBLIC LAW 104–208—SEPT. 30, 1996 104th Congress (text from Omnibus Appropriations); Precisely what was or was not permitted under the clause was unclear…: Kellermann AL, Rivara FP. Silencing the Science on Gun Research. JAMA. 2013;309(6):549–550. doi:10.1001/jama.2012.208207; Elaboration on Dickey Amendment: “CDC Off-Center” US Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security; Senator Tom Coburn June 2007

44. The Fear That Paralyzes

Main source: Child Advocate Report, pgs 52-73

Professional background of APRN Koenig: Curriculum Vitae dated 2013, and transcript “Testimony of Kathleen Koenig, MSN, APRN – Yale Child Study Center, March 7, 2008”

Notes from Koenig’s interview with police after 12/14/12: CSP Official report, Book 7, 00017458

45. Blacksburg

The state review panel assigned to investigate the Virginia Tech attacks released two documents that compile most of the known facts about the Virginia Tech attack: one released in August 2007, “Mass Shootings at Virginia Tech April 16, 2007 Report of the Review Panel” and a follow-up released November 2009 under the title “Shootings at Virginia Tech: Addendum to the Report of the Review Panel”

Grad student moving table: ; Nor Easter impacts use of emergency helicopters: “Students Recount Shootings ” Holley, Joe Washington Post 4/16/07; Shooter had classes in Norris Hall: “Isolation Defined Cho’s Senior Year” Gardner, Amy & Cho, David Post 5/6/07

46. Caves

Wikipedia article changes: the edits are permanently documented in the respective Wikipedia articles’ histories; Two plays written by the shooter, published by AOL: ; Shooter’s behavior in class, “mean”: “The Question Mark in Harper Hall” Cloud, John Time 4/18/07; IM conversation: “Was Va. Tech shooter a stalker?” MSNBC 4/26/07 (; Giovanni speech: (NOTE: I slightly shortened Giovanni’s remarks because I felt the reference to VT “hokies” [alumni] might confuse the reader, while pacing wouldn’t allow for an explanation of the term); Shooter’s press kit arrives at NBC: “Gunman sent package to NBC News” Johnson, Alex M NBC News (; Stephen King reaction to Virginia Tech: Entertainment Weekly ; American Psychiatric Association pleas to halt coverage: PRNewswire release dated April 27, 2007; “…he had never been so excited in his whole life”: This observation is based on his later statement, to an online acquaintance with whom he had corresponded about mass shootings, “The enthusiasm I had back when Virginia Tech happened feels like it’s been gone for a hundred billion years” as well as his general fascination with the Virginia Tech shooting, evident in many posts (such as one where he linked to “missing pages” from the Virginia Tech shooter’s manifesto, caught by an observant viewer pausing footage of NBC staff flipping through its pages.)

47. Lost in the Wild

Main source: Child Advocate report, page 58-73; “…not satisfied if information related to me….”: “The Reckoning” by Andrew Solomon; …an essay on North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, and the country’s nuclear weapons program…: CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00177484

Quotes from classmates: Alexander, Harriet and Barrett, David “Adam Lanza Described As ‘Very Very Bright And ‘A Deeply Disturbed Kid'” Telegraph 12/16/2012 and “Searching for Answers” Los Angeles Times 12/15/2012. Latin teacher memories of 10th grade: “Jennifer Huettner, And the Adam Lanza She Knew” Woog, Dan (;

Fairfield Hills baseball diamonds: “Demolition Marks Redevelopment Progress At Fairfield Hills” Bobowick, Kendra Newtown Bee 8/3/07 and: “Tearing Down Fairfield House” 8/10/07; Tunnel collapse imagery: archived Newtown site (

“He became convinced that humans had devolved into progressively inferior beings…”: originally reported by Debra Mckinney, quoted by Krakauer.

48. The Ghost in the Machine

Jokela shooting: “SUMMARY OF THE SHOOTING INCIDENT AT JOKELA HIGH SCHOOL ON 7 NOVEMBER 2007” National Burea of Investigation (Finland) and: “Jokela School Shooting on 7 November 2007 Report of the Investigation Commission”

“Ship of Fools” release: Baltimore Sun 8/29/1999 (

Emails between teachers: Child Advocate Report, pg 66 ; Peter owning books about OCD in children: CSP Official Report, Book 4, file 00183916 ; Richard Novia quotes: Frontline “Raising Adam Lanza”, and FBI interview transcript, CSP Official Report supplement ; LaFontaine on Nancy’s claims about bullying: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00196017

Newtown bullying incident: “Affidavit details assault that led to arrest of Newtown High students” Danbury News-Times 7/11/08 ( and: “Sixth Newtown teen charged in alleged YouTube assault” 6/25/08

LAN Party, tech club recollections: CSP Official Report, Book 7, files 00003260 and 00003302 and 00256598 and 00006405; Nancy’s email to Peter after LAN Party: “The Reckoning” by Andrew Solomon

49. Static

McCarthy (nurse) on NICS: Congressional Record, House of Representatives, December 19, 2007; NICS failure to prevent Virginia Tech: “Missing Records: Holes in Background Check System Allow Illegal Buyers to Get Guns” Jim Kessler, The Third Way Culture Project, May 2007; Details of police interactions with VT shooter: Virginia Tech Shooting official report and its addendum; Veterans and background check conflict: “How the NRA Undermined Congress’ 2007 Gun Control Push” Sapien, Joaquin Mother Jones 1/25/13; 1993 Virginia one gun a month law: “One Gun Per Month” New York Times 2/4/93; TheGunSource quote: ; Bush signs NICS improvement bill: “Bush signs bill geared to toughen screening of gun buyers” Simon, Richard Los Angeles Times 1/8/08; Notes on how the NICS improvement act unfolded after passage: “What Happened to the $1/3 Billion Congress Approved to Improve Federal Gun Background Checks?” Yablon, Alex The Trace ( and 2012 update: “GUN CONTROL: Sharing Promising Practices and Assessing Incentives Could Better Position Justice to Assist States in Providing Records for Background Checks” Government Accountability Office

50. Trinity

Westroads Mall shooting: “Everyone Will Remember Me as Some Sort of Monster” Rolling Stone, August 2008;

YWAM/New Life shooting: Arvada Police Department Summplemental Report OCA file 2007024972; YWAM/New Life shooter’s online activity: “Computer opens window into mind of reeling killer” Rocky Mountain News 3/27/08; “Sounds like one of the Nobodies became a Somebody…” (Note: the comment was actually posted on the 7th, a day before the first attack. Also, the story of the New Life/YWAM shootings is significantly reduced in detail. The shooter had talked to his father on the phone in between attacks, as well as his cousin, and he visited other locations before YWAM, related to his interest in Satanism.); New “I just said, ‘Holy Spirit, be with me…’” : “Guard’s hands ‘didn’t even shake’ as she shot gunman” Denver Post 12/10/07

NIU shooting: “Report of the February 14, 2008 Shootings at Northern Illinois University” NIU Office of the President; NIU shooter’s fixation on Virginia Tech: Last Day on Earth: A Portrait of the NIU School Shooter by David Vann

51. Pressure Drop

….someone in the pale yellow house got a copy of [NYT]: “First on the Scene, Again, Is the College Newspaper” New York Times 2/18/08 (clipping photographed in CSP photo set “Meehan – suspect’s house evidence” image 56; Note: I presume that the article was clipped shortly after the issue was printed, given the actions immediately following: joining a Glock forum, and editing the Obama wikipedia page)

Computer class witness, Counterstrike: “Assault rifle was Adam Lanza’s weapon of choice in violent video game, former classmate says” National Post 12/22/12 (; Wikipedia comment on Obama: edit history on page “Talk:Barack_Obama” timestamp 12:57 3/1/08; Novia meeting, Ryan quote: “20-year-old Shooting Suspect Was A ‘Smart But Shy Nerd’ The Telegraph 12/15/12; Gamecube, “nobody knows where he is”: “Nancy Lanza let Adam use guns to “teach him responsibility” Daley, David Salon 12/23/12, also noted in CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00256598

52. Law of the Land

“NRA model” Mini-14: ; Sanetti takes over as NSSF head: 3/26/08 Press Release from Ruger titled “STURM, RUGER & COMPANY, INC. ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE OF PRESIDENT STEPHEN SANETTI TO BECOME CEO OF THE NATIONAL SHOOTING SPORTS FOUNDATION”; He had started his career at Ruger in the 1970’s…: Gun Digest interview with Steve Sanetti 5/23/13 (

Obama “bitter clingers” gaffe:

…attendees were not actually allowed to come to the convention center armed that day…: “With McCain on hand, knives won’t cut it at massive NRA gunfest” Daly, Michael New York Daily News 5/17/08; NSSF dissolves Heritage Fund: ; Obama plan to ban guns per NRA: ; Obama on Assault Weapons Ban: “Obama Bemoans ‘Epidemic of Violence'” Washington Post 7/15/07; Obama’s opponent that year wasn’t quite the hero of the NRA, either…: “NRA endorses McCain” Washington Times 10/9/08 (; Amici Curiae brief for DC Heller: “Brief for Amici Curiae – 55 Members of United States Senate, The Present of the United States Senate, and 250 members of United States House of Representatives in Support of Respondent Stephen P. Halbrook” US Congress

Dick Heller story: “He Won the Supreme Court Case That Transformed Gun Rights. But Dick Heller Is a Hard Man to Please.” Obbie, Mark The Trace 3/20/16 (; DC/Heller decision text: SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES — DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ET AL . v. HELLER No. 07–290. Argued March 18, 2008—Decided June 26, 2008

53. Pale Yellow House

Emails between shooter and mother, general details: Child Advocate Report, pgs 74-78; “It is not as though I mean…”: The shooter actually wrote “it is not as though I do not mean you are homeless and begging.” Context indicates that the double-negative was an error; I corrected it to avoid confusion; Nancy sailing: “Family, friends shed light on lives of Nancy and Adam Lanza” New Haven Register 12/17/12 (Note: Minor details, such as where the witness was from, were changed in this scene.)

Second shooting in Finland: “Kauhajoki School Shooting on 23 September 2008 Report of the Investigation Commission”; Kuahajoki shooter’s fixation on Virginia Tech shooter: “Finnish shooter hailed Virginia Tech killer” The Brunei Times 9/25/08

BBC on Youtube pulling Columbine videos after Kuahajoki: “YouTube pulls Columbine videos” Courtney, Sloban BBC News 11/14/08 ( (NOTE: in a later forum thread, the Sandy Hook shooter recalls how a “Zero tolerance policy” for Columbine videos was adopted by Youtube after the first Finland shooting; based on available news sources he appears to have confused that attack with its copycat in 2008.) …he had gotten diligent about saving copies of videos…: (NOTE: this is evident in the shooter’s propensity to save just about everything, and he notes in multiple posts that he is in possession of various videos that are no longer online, and he appears to deploy this archive in the “monologue” montages mentioned in Chapter 70 — there were two sets of these, “fictional monologues” was seemingly every movie scene depicting a basement-tape-like video, and “monologues” was made of examples of the real thing, including Virginia Tech. This archivist tendency was also evident with the MP3 playlist downloaded from youtube, or a post where he talks about a dream he supposedly had, where he ends the story, “I realized that I had been watching a YouTube video, part 11/11. I thought, ‘Wow, that was a pretty surreal movie. I’m bookmarking this and I’ll go back to look at the other parts later’. I woke up in real life and realized that YouTube would remove the videos from their website along with all internet references to them by the time that I managed to get online”)

Lanza divorce records: State of Connecticut Superior Court records, Docket No: FSTFA084015364S

54. Travis

Main source for details of Sandy raising Travis: “Travis the Menace” Lee, Dan P. New York Magazine

Connecticut’s efforts to address Travis situation prior to the attack: State hearing transcript “House Joint Resolution Number 42, RESOLUTION CONFIRMING THE DECISION OF THE CLAIMS COMMISSIONER TO DISMISS THE CLAIM AGAINST THE STATE OF STEVEN NASH, SUCCESSOR CONSERVATOR OF CHARLA NASH”; The mayor would deny the conversation ever happened…: “Chimp Owner, In Month Before She Died, Told Lawyer Of Her Odd Life With Travis” Lender, John Hartford Courant 8/9/12; Charla was holding a plush Elmo doll in front of her…: “‘I Didn’t Give Him Xanax’ Chimp Owner Says” NBC Washington 2/19/09 (; He looked at me like, ‘Mom, what did you do?’”: “Owner describes chimp’s terrifying rampage ” Today Show 8/3/10 (; “What he did was essentially what they do in the jungle…”: “Chimp Attack First Responders Describe Horrific Scene” Fox News 2/21/09 (

55. Undertow

Nancy’s review for dress maker: Google Maps business reviews, user NJLanza1918, accessed 2015 (NOTE: Name of business left out for privacy); Peter didn’t fight it; his attorney remembers…: “Connecticut school shooting: troubled life of Adam Lanza, a fiercely intelligent killer” Alexander, Harriet; Barrett, David; Donnelly, Laura; Swaine, John The Telegraph 12/15/12; U.S. History class, McVeigh quote: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00018285; “My Place” patron’s computer repair: CSP Official Report, Book 7, file 00253797; …she said she decided to move him to college courses because he was “brilliant…”: “Nancy Lanza let Adam use guns to “teach him responsibility” Daley, David Salon 12/23/12

…it was only one job…: (NOTE: It does not appear that the shooter ever “Worked at a computer store” like his family in New Hampshire believed [many other things Nancy told them, or let them believe, were also not true.] However one possible explanation is that the Tech Club did raise some of their funds through repairing computers brought in by the public, and restoring old computers to then sell, though it’s not clear if this was a practice at the time he was a member. No person ever claims to have seen the shooter working in a customer-contact setting, except for this single letter of recommendation.)

Binghamton shooting: Binghamton Police Department Case #90-7710

Peter hiking with son, GRASP: “The Reckoning” by Andrew Solomon; WCSU records, “Mother came in” note: “CBS News obtains Adam Lanza’s college records” ( ) (NOTE: the CSP Official Report also documents recovering “a letter from the shooter requesting to withdraw from a course in Data Modeling and Data Base Design” from 36 Yogananda [Book 4, file 00177484]); German classmate, Gamestop interactions: “University: Newtown gunman took college courses at 16” CBS News 12/17/12 ( and “Shooter’s Persona Drew Concern at School” Audi, Tamara; Troianovski, Anton; Dawsey, Josh Wall Street Journal 12/17/12