7/26/2022 – Status Update

Hello. It’s been awhile since any updates here, and I’ve been getting questions regularly from folks who want to read The Sheltered Storm or want to know when its coming back, so I’ll try to explain the status of the project right now.

For those who don’t know, from September 2019 to March 2020, I regularly posted chapters here from a manuscript for The Sheltered Storm: The True Story of the Man-made Disaster That Struck the Village of Sandy Hook, Connecticut on December 14th 2012. When the story was completed, I also posted a pdf version containing all the chapters.

At the time, that was all I was planning to do with it; I wrote The Sheltered Storm as a result of my experiences blogging about the Sandy Hook case, and trying to understand how it happened. With the story done, I was ready to move on. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the reception it received, and since then, I’ve been condensing the manuscript into a more manageable length, updating it (yes, I know about the shooter’s Youtube account) and looking into how to get the book distributed, either through traditional publishing or ebook channels.

While I don’t yet have a definitive answer for what form that will take, as part of exploring those options, I could not continue to share the book for free. So no, I can’t send you the book right now. BUT: as soon as I have an update on where and how you can read (or hear?) The Sheltered Storm, I will share that info right on this page.

Thanks so much for your patience and your interest in the project.

-Matthew Nolan