Welcome. The Sheltered Storm is a true story about the Sandy Hook shooter, his mother, and America. It is free to read, from start to finish; to pick up from the beginning, just click “First Page” from the menu. You can go back-and-forth between chapters with the “Prev” and “Next” links at the top of the page, or choose from the Chapter List.

This story was originally published here serially, beginning in October 2019, with new chapters posted twice a week. The final update was posted on March 2, 2020. The now-finished story is just over 280,000 words. (If you read the entire thing, that’s roughly like finishing a 600-700 page book.)

If you wish to donate to a worthy cause over the course of reading this story, I encourage you to give to any of those listed by the families at MySandyHookFamily.org. (I do not represent or have any connection with these charities.)

*UPDATE 10/25/2020: A PDF version has been added under the “EBOOK” tab. There will be an EPUB version added soon.

-Matthew Nolan