Matthew Nolan is a writer based out of Olympia, Washington. He first started following the Sandy Hook case when he created the research blog Sandy Hook Lighthouse in 2013 (under the pen-name “Reed Coleman”), which documented the known facts about the at-the-time unknown shooter, as they emerged. He had no interest in, or even particular awareness of, the mass-shooting phenomenon until that time. He shifted to writing what would eventually become The Sheltered Storm in 2015.

He doesn’t really like to use social media.

Two books served as the primary inspiration for the scope and style of The Sheltered Storm: Randy Shilts’ And the Band Played On (1987), and Normal Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song (1979).

Illustrations are done with TWSBI fountain pens, and Noodler’s “Dark Matter” ink, on Arches paper.

The website is powered by WordPress, using a heavily customized version of the “twentyseventeen” theme.


email: theshelteredstorm @ gmail dot com, or use the form below.